November 1, 2008

a halloween return
back in misty autumn amsterdam
where old ghosts await and new ones form

Are we too open for this city……
as we try to absorb , adjust, be free, keep moving?

I still hear dogs in the mountains and feel the wind
whipping sand into my face

so let us stay a child for one more day
for one more moment
for one more life

Then we can play, perform, create, understand
the nature of us

the plan is to continue this project through our daily life
and in/around the studio and to develop a performance-

This project involves our personal life and from this point
we are in the world and we look at the world

There are the actions and there are the underlying layers
of thinking; I am working to find the actions and structures
in which the form, the energy, the intention, the relationship
expresses a wider view of connection to the world.

wrestling, reading poems, installation, dressing up,
drawing, racing, watching the news, writing our diaries…..

creating and destroying
our warrior search continues

for moments (in)equality

in transition

October 30, 2008

small gestures of adios

juno-to caridad

kat-to gregorye

juno-to manuel

vamos! vamos?

who is juno, who is kat?
are they two, are they one?
where does juno end and kat begin?

who is older?
who knows what?

are we no-body, every-body, any-body
are we no-mind, every-mind, any-mind?
are we here? everywhere? no-where?
can we leave? will we arrive?

in transition?

take and choose two goodbye photographs






martin, gregorye, tom, caridad, manuel,
y la madre

thankyou nora

juka prepare a happening

October 29, 2008

12.30 pm
Today we show something at 6pm to a small audience.

How to show, share our work-play of these 10 days?

We install an exhibition of our drawings in the
beautiful entrance and we plan a live spiral-installation.
We find a beautiful dead scarab beetle on the black sand
and decide to place him, as though he had walked the spiral
into creation and will continue to walk it for all time. We
do not rehearse this.

Yesterday we had an argument. I lost. The
white dance is OUT.

Who is the leader? Who is the listener? Who is right?

This morning, we had a television interview and showed
some dance material in such a down-to-earth practical way,
that we both thought, oh yes! fun! lets do that this evening.

No performance, but an event for sure.
We want to share, we both enjoy an audience but I want
to protect the work, keep it alive, and making
sense. Still I search for forms of performance which
will bring a new edge to normal actions or rather reveal
the intention and wider implications behind the actions.

Kat thought to finally ask juno what equality in the world
meant to him. Juno said ” I know everyone is different……
that not everyone can be the same ……but
…umm….well…I do think that  everyone should be
handled equally…mm..yes.”


The other question is, will Red-J-Warrior find and defeat
Cactus-man in time for this evening’s presentation?

Report later


8 10pm
We have presented.

Presenting has confronted us, released us, allowed
us to enter a new phase of thinking and doing.

I think our sense of being and doing together,
of love for each-other is bigger than us, it involved
everyone in the room, it involves the universe.

That is why we draw our eyes, why we can
stand there together with an audience and
dance our yellow dance…….

I feel Juno’s nerves, his sudden shyness, his
panic and yet he stays honest, sensitive and clear.
And our actions begin to breathe, begin to make sense
in that space, as they merge with the presence
of the audience.


time to reflect, leave, return
and continue-

I breathe, you breathe

time has no colour

October 28, 2008

Talking time

kat – what is time?
juno – time is everything…
everything has time and uses time

-when I am sleeping I don’t notice time

Time experiments in studio

How long is a minute?

Juno’s experiment;
With eyes closed, we had to say
when we thought a minute had passed.
lying down cheated twice
moving around in space 20 seconds too soon
in dark cushion house 15 seconds too late

lying down 6 seconds too late
moving around 7 seconds too soon
In house 14 seconds too late

Katrina’s experiment 4 times 1 minute;
Taking turns we each had to do one minute of
1.simply standing
2.very fast high level moving everywhere
4.talking, telling a story

Juno found the talking the shortest, most fun and the
one minute in which he got the most done.
Kat found the slowmotion the shortest minute
and the talking the most alive.
We both found the high speed the longest minute.
Kat found she noticed the sounds most in slowmotion,
Juno in the standing.

A minute is not a minute,
but a multitude of possible minutes

Out and About

It was fun to talk and play around with time , we also
joked alot with all the things we and people say about
time. To live a day constantly referring to time can go
in many directions.

The clocks changed saturday night and we did not know
till monday, why should we?!

As the day progressed and we walked and swam in the late
afternoon we became so aware of things changing. The
wind in our favourite tree, the waves, juno’s ice-cream
disappearing and so on and so on and so on and so on…….
that was how we knew time was real, time was happening……
we proved time passed, we felt time pass….


And while we were a bit bored and climbing around the
tree roots I wondered how old the tree was, if some-one knew…..
what if we were not here, if the earth was not here, if the
universe was not here, if there was no witness
would time still exist?

Time passes differently for me and juno
I am 48 years old. He is 12 years old
I am 4 times juno. We are both rats in the chinese
horoscope. We are both librans too.

And time led us to music too. In the morning we made a
garage band rap/song and at the end of the day a
time walking dance. Rythm and repeating actions gave us a
way to communicate and follow each other. We listened more.

And there is so much to say. We live more than we can tell you

just not enough time to share everything
and the most beautiful special moments
are lived
not told

That’s what this residency seems to be about,
and what this time with juno is telling me………

time to go home

rainbow change

October 27, 2008

A simple beginning to the monday morning.

We enter the studio and I propose we move for
30 minutes. No plan. But to move together.
Juno agrees, though 30 minutes seems a long
time to him. I want to follow, re-direct, transform
and see where our togetherness goes.
We recognize some things and we find new
things. We even talk inbetween. I like
to follow Juno’s concentration, how it dips
and jumps, gets excited, loses interest.
With all our play and moving together over
the years we are developing a movement vocabulary,
one that is constantly transforming.

kat – lets draw our feet!
juno – lets draw with our feet!!
kat – lets draw our feet with our feet!!!

build, change, transform
open to the change of wind

I tried to find another entrance into encounter
to shift between listening/following and
suggesting/leading. To be awake and always
be ready to insist or to let go. And so the day

drawing body, movement, rythm, connection.
moving what you see, making what you move

building with cushions and shifting with chairs

juno drawing kat moving

kat drawing juno moving

A simple end to the monday log
Juno writes a Red-J-Warrior rap

Here comes Red, the cactus man is dead
that is what he said
with him comes K, she’s also here today

the red gold is theirs
thats the only thing that cares
If there are cactusses and a sword
Red will not be bored

yellow sun-day

October 26, 2008

Juno’s choice

Yellow as in happy!, sunny!
We thought of jumping and energy and action,
of ” here comes the sun…… la la la”

but we were so very tired and lazy
where was energy, what is energy?

The day surprised us.
Maybe the enormous waves
and strong winds calmed us and
also energized us.

Because we made a beautiful yellow dance
in which each of us made a complementary
movement to the other, constantly shifting
in space. Always doing different. This was
different than other days when we are noticing
our difference because we do the same. We
worked very fast. Action.

We then each took a video of the other doing
spirals and it was great to follow the others
movements in this active way. That the eye also
spiralled in and away from the mover. Something
to do without the camera. Observing and following
some-one else’s energy and musicality and breath.

The energy in the day , in the studio, shifted, dropped…….

And we stood at opposite ends of the room
and watched each other, the light and the space around.
Juno completely bored until the light started changing,
our shadows, the quiet. The atmosphere sucked us in.
We slowly moved towards eachother and till nose to
chestbone. We noticed the energy between us, the moment
when someone enters or exits your space.
And then we tried to keep our connection while moving apart.
first on our arms and then through whole body. And we felt
we were pushing the space behind us because the space
between us was so strong. Well that is special when you
spontaneously feel the same.

We then made drawings from far side of room;
eyes open of energy around body

eyes closed, standing

Thinking of body and energy
sharing atmosphere and experience with juno
sharing with you


October 25, 2008

Because I woke up at dawn
and the mist was dancing,
later with a hidden silver sun
and the mountains disappearing.

Because I needed a day of reflection
after all the colours.

Because I did not know.

Thought about difference and between.

you and me
asleep amd awake
you and your shadow
alive and dead
old and young
child and adult
knowing and not knowing
stillness and moving
you and the air around
a desire and a dream
breathing and sighing
flying and falling
falling and floating
being here and being there.

Juno thought up a drawing game. We
took turns to choose something to draw
and we then drew the same thing. e.g

Kat asked juno about himself and his shadow
I block the sun, so there comes a black mark where
no light comes. Its the same shape as me but no details,
a type of mirror, an outline of me. It can disappear. I can’t.
Aaah, but you cannot cover my shadow, even with a
towel or sand you can still see it. If the sun stays out.

Kat asks juno, about ghosts
No, they don’t exist…well, maybe a mind that is still alive
but doesn’t have a body.

Kat asks Juno the difference between alive and dead.
Ugh? Well, I’m always there until I’m dead and then I’m
still there but down in the ground or in a pot as ashes.

So we just checked each others breathing, heart beat
and pulse. It really confirmed I was alive, that juno was
alive, that we were alive in that moment, in that action
in that place, together. An encounter, so simple.

At the end of the day, we walked through the alleys
of San Sebastian and got a great jumpy energy running
down the steps. We both said when for us we felt
it was twilight. I had a feeling of things falling in on
me, always that moment when I feel heavy.
Juno felt his dusk a minute later. In the beautiful entrance
of the studio we played a dusky music. Juno on
mouth organ, very soulful and ghostly and
I was moved to move. A shared twilight event.

RED, heroes and baddies

October 24, 2008

Inspired by our dangerous trek up the mountain,
in search of red earth, we decided to turn our
bloodthirsty samurai intentions into a comic strip,
using ourselves, the cacti, palm trees etc of La Gomera. kat

This is the plot:
Red-J-Warrior needs to save the Pig princess,that has
been captured by Cactus Man!!!!
K-explorer comes too, to look for the red gold.
They meet eye-spy-girl, that brings them to V.B.P.T
(very brainy palm tree).He tells them where the red gold is!
On the way to the red gold they meet Bendy girl,
she tells them where Cactus man’s den is, that is the same
place as where the red gold is!!!!!!!!!
They go to the place that was said and kill Cactus man
in a big fight! Juno

Here are the main characters, so visit this log over the
weekend for the first exciting installment of
Red-J-Warrior in La Gomera.

P.S Juno made bo-kens from dried palm branches
and we began a fight dance. We continue tomorrow
in studio where juno teaches me some mean moves.

N.B  You can now find the first installment of
Red-J-Warrior on his very own page. Check it out.

body brown

October 23, 2008

staying close to home today,
close to studio
close to body
brown seemed safe, normal, home, our name

We talked of body, of trees like body, we talked;

k-How do you know I have a body?
j-I can see it?
k-How do you know you have a body?
j-I can see it and I can feel it.
k-Are you only a body?
j-No, I have a soul.
k-How do you know?
j-Because sometines someone can hurt me
without it hurting my body?
k-And mind, what is that?
j-Here (points to head)
k-Is your mind part of your body?
j-Yes, its also part of your soul.
k-maybe between body and soul

then we both imagined if you were only body
and had no soul
k-are you then an animal?
j-no, animals have souls, you are a sort of robot.
And humans are animals anyway.
k-And if you have a body, but cannot see, hear, sense,
taste, or smell? Then you are completely unaware of

In the studio, we did some movement tasks
1. one person calls out body parts
and the other moves, moving from body part.
2. one moves with eyes closed, the other watches.
Each time one minute dances. One minute goes fast.

3. Each of us made 5 positions, still tree bodies and
the other took photos.
4.We found a skeleton in the cupboard.


Because juno has a desire to fly, because nora suggested
we find some techniques to fly, because we are with body today
we attempted to catch seconds of flight. Also talked about
the sensation of flying. And anyway what is flying?
Juno said it’s when you are in the air, but he sat on me and I
wasn’t satisfied with this explanation. OK, in the air and you
are not touching the ground and you are not touching something
that is touching the ground. So in the aeroplane you are flying?

Juno told me about someone who had recently invented
turbo-wings and that you could fly with them, like a bird.

A note from katrina
working these days with juno are very interesting.
having to structure and give freedom, to suggest
ideas but also to mostly give them up. Frustrating
when the things I want to do, Juno finds completely
boring and irrelevant. Wonderful when out of nowhere,
out of listening to the moment, of letting go of the plan,
the most unexpected, fun things happen, the most
philosophical talks appear. I am learning alot from working
with juno, and I wonder what and if he is learning.


blue adventure

October 23, 2008

Our blue adventure log a day late due to
mist, rain, dark, late return and crashed internet.

We chose blue as our colour.
And we took direction as a focus and so we
travelled far over the misty mountain to the west
coast of La Gomera.

Where wind, wild waves came together with
blue sea and sky. Juno took photos out of the car.

Juno reporting; We rote blue poems.

blue sky(sometimes)
our blue car
blue phone cells
blue wine bottle
blue Katrina
blue freezer, with lots of ice-creams
blue house
blue day Juno

blue door
blue moon
blue day, blue wednesday
blue horizon
blue unknown
blue sand
blue Juno
blue listening to the Beatles
blue talks
blue turning to grey Katrina

We lookt at the waves and wrote down these words:
juno /katrina
froth /blue green
cover /rough
strong /continuous
wet /powerfull
full /crash
excited /excited
unending /changeable
horses /surprise

all the directions of the wind etc on me. juno

Kat reporting;
I followed the direction of our talks, they are like
the roads here, they twist and turn, go round the
corner, up the hill……..and end up in expected and
unexpected places, for example;
We talked about the difference between the blue
surface of the sea and the sky. Juno said this;
light/dark, quiet/rough, silent/noisy, dry/wet
air/water,flat/choppy, smooth/rough.
kat said the horizon is like a cut today between sky and sea
and she asked juno what the horizon was for him?
Juno replied ” its what we can see of the globe.
It’s the unknown, you want to go there, all the time it moves
and you can never reach the horizon. It’s interesting.”
And then we had a long talk about the unknown and
we both wrote in our diary about the following questions
What is the unknown?
How do you feel when you first meet someone?
How do unknown places, people, situations make you feel?
What would you like to do that you haven’t done yet?
Where would you like to go, where you haven’t been before?

So blue brought us to our fears and desires of the unknown.

white spiral, black sand

October 21, 2008

The whole day we were busy with white and with spiral

We woke up with the idea of blue in our heads but the sky was
full of clouds and it just did not feel like a blue day. Juno thought
of white. Driving along the spiralling roads to the studio we talked
about white. Juno thought that white had an ‘endless’ quality. ‘If you were
in a white room, then you couldn’t really see the end of the walls’, you
could only see your self. And that black was something similar. Black
and white are opposites but have alot in common with eachother an
both have an infinity.

Juno said’ if you are in a black room, then you cannot see anything
and I thought that a white room was maybe space-less and
a black room timeless. Same and different.

White gave us a sensation of light and an direction of up and out
of the body. Black gave us a sensation of dark and a direction of in
and down into the body.
White made us think that the spiral shape was good today because
as juno said it can go on and on. Like white bigger and larger and more
open and like black closer and deeper to infinity.

juno jumps over me and becomes white light

So all day we drew and moved spirals, with sand, water, pencil, stones,
leaves, in the studio, underwater, and of course we made a white dance.

Spiralling all day made us feel dizzy, so we we turned
upside down ‘to end the spiral’


October 20, 2008

This was our first day with a sense of rythm for work and play.

We chose green as the colour of the day.
(see page ‘dialogue with nora’).
We work outside as much as possible and then we
come mid-afternoon to work in the studio and do our weblog.

1. This morning we walked up up into the rocky woods of cacti,
pine trees and many more plants. Rythm of our walking and
moments of silence………………………………………………………

On way down, we took turns to find a place, make a position
and teach the other.

2. in studio
kat asks juno how would you move if you moved in a green way?
juno started moving and we did a small green improvisation.
calm, smooth, quiet feet, soft joints, balances and turning.
Then we made a green dance together, taking turns to make
a movement.

3. We did some upside down drawing.

Our brain jumped a gear and it was exciting and difficult. Juno found the chair easier than drawing me. I found juno was so beautiful upside down because I noticed different things, the fingers, the lips were so strong.

on the island

October 18, 2008

we travelled yesterday
taxi aeroplane bus boat car
we arrived in La Gomera,
rocky spikey tropical different humid
warm welcome.

Today we started in this incredible exotic place
Just being together, listening to the twists and turns
of our thoughts and observations. Acclimatizing
to a work-play relationship in a new strange enviroment.

We moved in the studio and around the courtyard.
We started making a collection of movements and
Monkey aikido dance MD and hippo circle HC

We each took some photographs, actions or details
of place and we chose 2 for the log.





Its a modest beginning
we go now for swim eat walk draw
more tomorrow or monday


October 16, 2008

big cannon, woods, a village, pile of rubbish

the start of a small adventure of juno and katrina
we are excited and curious
hoping you will follow our log

thunder, a person, mouse, 4 straight lines, a cross,
10 green bottles, lorr

fast animal, mountain, it’s raining, fire on to
of the mountain, a box, tea flask